Trespass, what is trespass?

According to the Macquarie Dictionary trespass can be describes by the following;

An unlawful act causing injury to the person property or rights of another; an encroachment or intrusion; an offence sin or wrong; to make an improper inroad on to a persons presence time etc

So the general idea is that trespass is about an unlawful act having a purpose or direction of causing injury to a person or property of another; or an encroachment or intrusion as in making an improper inroad on to a person’s presence, time etc

Now in the instance of a practitioner using intention as a tool or a direction for healing the practitioner focuses their own intention on the required outcome for the client ie healing or wellness and it is that intention which along with the clients acceptance of the healing intention of the practitioner and the healing itself which accomplishes the healing.

However and this is the big one, what if the ‘client’ did not ask for the healing, or does not wish to accept the healing, or the ‘healing is being done at the request of another, quite possibly without the person being sent the ‘healings’ knowledge. Then my friends the practitioner is trespassing, and if the healing has been requested by a third party then they are trespassing also.

No matter how much you may want some thing for another person, Universal Lore says that they must want it for themselves. You may well be interfering with the soul contract of another being by interfering in their life and or their healing or lack of it.

I have always told my students to ‘be careful what you send as you may well receive it back again’

To explain this statement, if you point the fore finger of your right or left hand towards some one you will find if you look at the underside of your hand that you have three fingers pointing back at you. Universal lore has a three fold affect, if you send some thing ie a thought form to another person and they do not accept or want it you may well receive it back three fold, So be really careful what it is that you do send.

Some months ago I broke my own law, now surely I as a practitioner of long standing know better? I would have thought I did, however I allowed the circumstances which I was presented with to make my decision for me.

I received a garbled message on my phone from a friend/ acquaintance asking for assistance for the young daughter of a friend of hers, who had been a client of mine some time previously. There was no return number and a barely understandable message.

The same message in more detail had been given verbally to a colleague who is a mutual friend, when I could not be contacted on the phone, and this colleague then passed the message on to me.

The reason the client had not rang personally was explained by her being away, the child was some hours away in her father’s care and had been hospitalised, my number had not been to hand and so on.

As this was a small child, and fairly dire circumstances I went immediately into action on receiving the request, and used my skills to assist the sick child.

Some hours later when I ‘checked in’ energetically to ascertain the child’s progress I discovered that the child had ‘undone, or rejected’ the work I had done some hours earlier.

To say alarm bells went off is an understatement, I conferred with my colleague who had passed on the message, and we discovered that the child did not wish to be assisted, basically that as a soul she had chosen this time to leave her body, and that her doing so had been a contract between herself and her father who had rejected and resented her presence from her conception onwards. He would appreciate her and realise that he had actually loved her only after she had returned to spirit.

Now my colleague and I are women who work from pure intention, neither of us would in ‘normal’ circumstances have overstepped the boundaries of trespass, however due to the unusual way in which the request had been presented, we had both allowed ourselves to be swayed against what would normally have been our better judgment.

Did the child recover, I have no idea, I have not heard from my friend/ acquaintance or her friend who had been my client since as to the child’s progress or lack of it. It is interesting that the ‘healing’ which was so urgently required has not elicited any further contact or even a ‘thank you’.

We all have our own individual soul contracts, we have made these contracts before we come to earth as a spirit to experience emotions, as human’s we do not have the right to play God for another person, their  choices are just that ‘their own’, and giving or sending healing where it is not wanted or  required is a trespass in my book.

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