The Vanishing Twin

As an alternative practitioner I have seen many clients with what I call The Vanishing Twin syndrome or as it is often described as Multiple Foetuses at Conception.

So what is a Vanishing Twin? In many instances at conception both of a woman’s ovaries may release an egg, one ovary may release more than one egg, or the single egg may separate into individual sections eg twins, triplets etc.

This is very common and we are told that in 80% of conceptions/ pregnancies there is / can be a multiple pregnancy although only 13% are a multiple birth.

If the additional and tiny fertilised eggs do not survive they are generally re-absorbed by the body or “Mum” may have a small bleed, some times giving rise to fears of a miscarriage and the often heard later ‘oh it looked like you were losing the baby but its held on’ etc

The human body is ‘built’ on a series of electrical systems, one of these  known as the  meridian system can be described as a series of very fine ‘wires’ which are in place in the individual eggs in each of the ova or eggs in the female ovary. This Meridian system which is the tracing of fine lines seen on a acupuncture model is the basis of our form as a human being.

The fertilised egg when it separates into 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 and so on fills in the spaces in the tracing of the Meridian system, just like colouring in a child’s colouring book to create the shape and form of the new foetus

If the fertilised egg is absorbed back into the mother’s body the electrical fields of this foetus or foetuses will remain and these may have an effect on the surviving foetus / baby, even though they can not be seen, or in most instances are not even known of.

Often as a practitioner I will ask a client ‘Do you feel as though something is missing in your life , or as if you are constantly looking for something you do not find”  to which I invariably receive an affirmative and a ‘how did you know that.

My knowledge of these issues comes from working with many clients over a number of years, who have attended with anxiety issues as well as many other related problems.

I routinely ask the question during a Kinesiological consultation of ‘How many foetuses were there at conception”.

One client who brought her young son to see me suffering from a severe anxiety laughed when I explained this possibility to her and asked me how many foetuses I believed had there been at her young son’s conception.

When I replied eight she shook her head in disbelief and said ’Sheila you don’t know how right you are, when my son  S… was born there were seven shrivelled strings attached to the placenta and the one umbilical cord and my doctor told me these had been from the other foetuses which had not survived from conception’.

Now eight is not a usual number, generally muscle testing of the client will indicate the original presence of one, two or three more foetuses at conception other than the client.

It is possible to remove these memories and this is done with love and a sense of reverence and allows the release of anxieties held within the client of being alone or of searching for something which they never find. Many clients express feeling lighter or less stressed or anxious afterwards.

Sounds from Source practitioners are trained to incorporate this questioning with their clients and to remove these anxieties with a special series of sounds created specifically for this purpose.

These sounds are an immensely powerful and they clear the electrical memories of any non surviving siblings from conception, allowing you to move forward with a renewed sense of self.


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