Not Ready to Leave

As a medium for the last 60 years I have had considerable connections with those who are deceased, both in my professional capacity and with personal family members  and often those who ‘pop in’ while I am working. Not ready to leave looks at removing the energy of someone who has passed over and what the effects can be on the body

I may be covering old ground here for some people and I apologize if this is so. However in sharing information with you on what I term Spirit Release, I believe that it is important to identify or qualify the differences between an ‘earthbound energy’ and a ‘trapped spirit’ and to be able to understand the difference.

I have been ‘ghost busting’ to use an old analogy for many many years, in more recent times I have referred to the’ when is a ghost not a ghost’?  ‘trapped or residual energies  of a person who is deceased as being ‘earthbound’ and I have shared stories about earthbound energies and the effects that they can have on the living and also on the place where we live and work.

So what is an ‘earthbound energy’? My common or market garden version of an ‘earthbound or ghost’ can be explained like this: If a person dies suddenly, violently or unexpectedly, or does not believe that there is anything after the ‘now’, there can be a jerk in the energy field as the soul leaves the body. As a stone thrown into a pond creates a ripple effect, so the physical or ‘earth’ energy of this person may be shocked and be trapped in the energy fields which surround the earth. It is this trapped energy which is often described as a ‘ghost’. This energy can remain trapped in the energy of the earth planes until recognized and released. Remember the soul itself has returned home, all that is trapped on the earth plane is the human energy and memories of the person who is deceased.

The trapped earth energy of the deceased soul may travel many kilometers back to a place in which it feels comfortable, e.g. its home or a surrounding area, or it may remain at the geographic point of passing. It may also connect itself to a living person via the aura or energy fields which surround the human body. If this occurs, the person to whom the earthbound energy has become attached may experience thoughts, feelings and emotions which are not theirs.

So why an ‘earthbound energy’ stay around and what does happens to the belief that everyone ‘goes to the light’?

  • They may have passed away suddenly or unexpectedly
  • They may not believe that there is anything after the ‘now’
  • There may be areas in their lives that they hadn’t addressed, for example something that they wanted to say or a person that they hadn’t seen
  • There can be issues of anger and frustration – of feeling put upon or hard done by and in some instances seeking vindication or closure

Basically the effects that an earthbound energy can have on a physical person include-

  • Affect your own energetic fields, the Chakra’s, Meridians and Auric fields
  • Create a physical misalignment in you, e.g. in ‘short circuiting’ a Meridian you can have a corresponding physical change in your body, including a low shoulder, a hip rotation and more
  • You may ‘want/ need / desire things that you do not normally use or crave – cigarettes, chocolate, a specific food or beverage for example.
  • Have thoughts and feelings that are not common or ‘normal’ to you
  • Appear to have symptoms of illness of disease, while not necessarily having the specific illness or disease.

The areas above are quite common, although often overlooked or misunderstood in our everyday lives; they can and do have a huge impact on many people without them ever being aware of it

So now let’s go on and look at Spirit Release, which as I have already said is a totally different area or situation than an ‘earthbound energy

In working with the ‘deeper areas’ of life I have on a number of occasions come across a ‘trapped spirit’, as in at the point of passing over or death the ‘spirit or soul has remained here on the earth plane, OR may have began the departure process and through sheer ‘will’ for want of a better term decided that they were not ready to go to the other side,.

In these instances and I firmly believe that they may be much more prevalent than people are aware of or allow for, the ‘spirit’ may need to find a ‘body or host to attach to. This in my belief would be around 60% of the time, leaving an earthbound spirit ‘unattached’ for 40% of the times or instances. (I have used Kinesiological questioning to ascertain these figures)

Now I may be starting to sound a little bit ‘out there’ for some people, however I would ask that you bear with me and I will explain in more detail just how this can happen and the effects that it may have on you.

I have been as I said earlier working with those who have passed away for a long time. Around 60 years, so there aren’t a lot of surprises and I have had some fascinating experiences and conversations with those who have left the ‘mortal coil’.

Recently I received an sms message to inform me of the passing of an old friend, In being aware of what I do, our mutual friend  asked to make sure that our  friend had ‘gone where she was supposed to go’, and I messaged back immediately and said ‘yes I will do that’

As I was away from home at the time, and with other people I waited until I had a few minutes to myself and went ‘in’ to have a chat with my old friend before driving home.

To say that she was not happy is an understatement, she was not impressed about the fact that she had ‘passed over’, and was quite vocal about her displeasure and her ‘requirements’ for the process being reversed. I explained gently that she had indeed passed away, and that she needed to co-operate with the light beings who were there to assist her on her journey. I ’left her’ and returned to my body and the remainder of my journey.

I had personally been experiencing some stressful times with a heavier than usual call on my energies both physically and spiritually and I wasn’t surprised when I found myself feeling very tired at the end of the day, and honestly I didn’t question it at all.

During the night I had what I have referred to for years as my ‘Claytons heart attack’ the heart attack I have when I am not having a heart attack.

Claytons was an Non Alcoholic beverage available in Australia and New Zealand Claytons is the brand name of a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage colored and packaged to resemble bottled whisky. It was the subject of a major marketing campaign in Australia and New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s, promoting it as “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink” at a time when alcohol was being targeted as a major factor in the road toll. The jingle was written by Australian social satirist, John McKellar.[1]

Although the product is no longer being actively marketed, the name has entered into Australian and New Zealand vernacular where it represents a “poor substitute” or “an ineffective solution to a problem”. It can also be used to describe something that is effectively in existence but does not take the appropriate name, e.g. a common-law couple might be described as having a “Clayton’s marriage”.


Having been subject to ‘spasms’ in the chest wall since my late teens, I know the difference between a heart attack (I have had 3) and a ‘spasm attack’, so although my early morning ‘pain’ wasn’t pleasant, I also identified that it ‘wasn’t mine, and did not require medical treatment.

The following morning I struggled a little getting out of bed, and again put the muscle soreness down to having been required to do more driving than I had been used to recently, and the chest discomfort during the night.

However I soon  found that I was very unsteady on my feet and that walking past the mirror I appeared very bloated especially in the face and neck,. The unsteadiness continued and I found myself ricocheting off walls, doors and furniture.

By this stage I was pretty sure that I knew what was wrong, however I followed my own guidelines and ‘called a friend’. – Another high level practitioner to ‘check ‘with me that what I was picking up was correct.

I make the ‘buddy’ suggestion to Sounds from Source practitioners on a regular basis, a ‘who is watching your back’ scenario as often we may benefit from a support person or someone with a ‘clear vision’ when we are personally in the middle of the situation as we may be affected by that situation and not ‘seeing clearly’.

My colleague quickly identified what I had already suspected ‘that I had an attached spirit’ with me and I used the new Spirit Release sound no 554 to remove the spirit and it effect on me.

So let’s look briefly at the Spirit Release sound as per the information on the Directory of Sounds page on the Sounds from Source website. This is a very new sound and fits into the Sounds from Source Intermediate program classification.

  • 554 Spirit Release
  • Description of Sound
  • One of the very early Sounds from Source programs was No 26 Earthbound Energies. This sound was created to assist with releasing the trapped or ‘earthbound energies of those who have passed over.
  • The Spirit Release sound is quite different and very separate to the Earthbound Energies sound and deals with the deeper areas of a spirit actually being attached to or attempting to ‘use / utilize’ the living body of another’.
  • Sounds Length 2. Mins 21 secs
  • How this sound came about

Many years ago I would share the movie ‘Gothika’ with senior students. Gothika is a horror / ghost story in which a repressed female psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in the very asylum where she worked with no memory of why she is there and what she has done.

Starring Halle Berry the movie portrayed perfectly what I wanted my senior students to be aware of, simply that spirit possession is possible and that it affects the body on a much different level that the energy of an ‘earthbound’ which simply attaches to and penetrates the aura.

Having experienced ‘spirit possession’ myself, including as recently as September 2013 it can be an unpleasant and even frightening experience.

So my suggestion is if you think / believe that you have something attached, ask the relevant questions:

  • Is it an earthbound energy
  • Is it a deceased spirit
  • Is it an entity / attachment

If you are unsure, or getting confused answers, please call someone to check, and in choosing that person, preferably someone who understands and knows what they are doing. E.g. you wouldn’t go to your nail therapist for a broken hand.

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*It is interesting to note that often if we use the terminology of Collective Consciousness we will find other people commenting on similar subjects around the same time. I found the following article a few days after I finished writing this post